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About us

Our studio has been shooting top quality portraits and product photography for the past ten years. Quality and craftsmanship are important to us, so we emphasize both shooting and finishing. And we do it all with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.


The studio's photographer is 

Gábor Kanovits, an Afiap photo artist who was a confidant of the world-famous photographer Martin Sipal and so had the opportunity to hone his knowledge alongside him. Four years after that, he himself taught photography in Budapest. His work abroad has been recognized with many awards. He is a member of the Federation of International Photographic Artists (FIAP) and the British Royal Photographic Society.

Why and what?

In our photo studio everything is available to make advertising and portrait photos in top quality. Our photographs are excellent for use in websites, catalogues, billboards and also flyers. Flexibility is important to us, both in terms of location and subject matter. We insist on only one thing: excellent quality.

Our multi-award winning, creative team works day in and day out to provide a complete service in product, item and advertising photography. We convince our new customers of our competence with free test photos.

If you wish, we will also produce graphic work for your website, catalogue. Our approach to making business portraits is sensitive and humble. We use a variety of techniques to create an appropriately natural, stress-free environment so that everyone can show their most friendly face in a relaxed atmosphere. Professional retouching is done in our graphic design studio.

You don't even have to worry about storing your photos: we archive the photos we take for free, so they will still be easily available and accessible to you years later.


We can help you navigate the world of product photography. Whether it's product photography, corporate portraits or graphic consulting for your catalog, webshop.

Free trial photo shoot,


V prípade fotenia produktov vyhotovíme skúšobné fotky, ktoré Vám pošleme spolu s našou cenovou ponukou. Ľahšie sa Vám bude rozhodovať, ak budete v obraze v súvislosti s našimi predstavami.


Photography of all kinds in our studio and in an outdoor environment: product, commercial, object and portrait photography in top quality.

Finishing work

Overall retouching of photos, adjusting their colors will be done by experts in our graphic studio.

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